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Traditions: American Visionary Art Museum

“Most museums, urban museums, are like fortresses. They say ‘stay out, we have valuable things inside.’ We wanted to be an extension of Federal Hill Park, right behind us, and be more like a Wonderland.” In 1984 Rebecca Alban Hoffberger had the idea for a new museum and education center…

Traditions: National Great Blacks in Wax Museum

In our latest episode of Traditions, we visit the National Great Blacks in Wax Museum and speak with President and Founder Dr. Joanne Martin about the importance of visible history and museums in black communities.

Traditions: Curtis Creek Ship Graveyard

Right around the corner from the Baltimore Inner Harbor is a graveyard – but it’s not on land. Unused and unwanted vessels from World War I and beyond were left to quietly decompose in the brackish waters of Curtis Creek. We walked with Dr. Susan Langley of the Maryland Historical…

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