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Living Room Sessions: That One Eyed Kid

We got Josh Friedman from That One Eyed Kid in the living room for a little experiment. Josh is a very physical, percussive player who uses strong rhythms to anchor his live arrangements. We paired him with a General Electric Youth Electronics chord organ from the early 70’s. This instrument…

Dream Brain

So I have this recurring dream. I’ve just finished building a helicopter out of a ceiling fan and I get to test it out. It doesn’t work perfectly, and I have to push a little extra to keep it off the ground, but I spend half an hour learning how…

Batman por Cambio: the Peruvian Cape and Cowl

A few weeks ago, my fiance and I flew to Lima, Peru. We hopped immediately over to Cusco, where we would acclimate to the high altitude of the Andes. After a few days at 11,000 feet we would be ready to hike the Inka Trail. Our guide Jose Puma made…

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