Traditions: The Baltimore Saltbox

Traditions - The Baltimore Salt Box

The Baltimore Saltbox: an unusual thing in an unusual city. What are they, who makes them, and why do some of them have artwork? During the pandemic, artists turned to these humble objects as a way to express not only their artistic abilities, but also their civic pride. We decided to find out more by…

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Do Whatever You Want, All the Time

Sam Sessa of WTMD and Julia Golonka of Human Being Productions pose for a portrait in the WTMD Studios

“Do Whatever You Want, All the Time,” is a new short documentary produced by WTMD and Human Being Productions, which gathers the diverse strands of Baltimore’s music community and presents them with a fresh perspective. The film highlights Baltimore Club music, Americana, hip-hop, dream pop, jazz, indie rock and more. We hear from Dapper Dan…

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The Harwood Side Lot – Get Involved

THE WHAT The Harwood Side Lot is a privately owned, community accessible outdoor space with the mission of providing a safe outdoor learning and healing space for the students and residents of the Harwood community. THE WHY With the fall school semester only a few weeks away, there is a huge need for outdoor focused…

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How to Have Better Work Video Meetings

If you’re working from home these days, you’re probably putting some serious time in video meetings. We’ve put together 15 things you can do to look your best without upgrading to a nicer webcam. 1. Plan Ahead Start the day before. Clean your house, and ask a friend or family member to do a test…

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