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Our Traditions Series focuses on Baltimore Institutions that have experienced all the changes our city has gone through over the decades first-hand. Experience Baltimore’s hidden history with this series of micro-documentaries.

Baltimore Graffiti
The Great Halloween Lantern Parade
Howard Peters
Fluid Movement
American Visionary
National Great Blacks
Curtis Creek Ship Graveyard
The Loading Dock
Martin Luther King, JR. Day Parade
Highlandtown Train Garden
Moveable Feast
Tugboats on the Harbor
Chesapeake Bay
Chesapeake Bay
Afro American
Museum Dentistry
G.Krug & Son

Video Series Archives

Traditions: Baltimore Graffiti

Mike Sachse started photographing graffiti as a way to capture the creativity and variety of a changing art form. This practice led to a book, Baltimore Graffiti: The Definitive Charm City Style Collection, and a broad perspective on what makes Baltimore's graffiti unique.

Traditions: The Great Halloween Lantern Parade

Baltimore's Great Halloween Lantern Parade celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2019. Presented by the Creative Alliance, this festival started as a simple way to bring light into Patterson Park and has grown into a city-wide convergence of artists, families, marching bands, step teams, and much more.

This episode of Traditions was filmed and edited by Greg, with direction from Julia and Shannon.

Dec 2, 2019

Traditions: Rawlings Conservatory

The Howard Peters Rawlings Conservatory and Botanic Gardens of Baltimore was completed in 1888 and to a monument to exploration and preservation. Visiting a conservatory can quite literally be like a trip around the world, and for Director Ann Green, there is no greater joy than providing city residents an opportunity to get close to nature and inspire others to preserve natural spaces.

This latest episode of Traditions was directed and edited by Julia.