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The Listening Lab

The Listening Lab is a music-education program from Baltimore Chamber Orchestra that teaches students concentration, awareness, and intentional listening-skills techniques through music. We interviewed Assistant Conductor Rebecca Smithorn over the course of her week-long residencies at two Baltimore schools this summer, and learned how to open our hearts and our…

New Traditions Episode: Fluid Movement

“There’s magic in public performance art. It helps us to share this one ephemeral moment, this little snippet in time where we’re all together in the same place, seeing something magic that will never be repeated.” For this episode of Traditions we talked to Valarie Perez-Schere, President and Artistic Director…

WTMD First Thursday – May 2019

Once every month during the summer, we have the pleasure of recording WTMD’s First Thursday concert in Baltimore’s Canton neighborhood. Hundreds of locals congregate by the harbor to enjoy great food, meet local businesses, and listen to great music. This is our third year working the event, and it gets…

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