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Revisiting the Highlandtown Train Garden

It’s the holidays, and that means it’s a perfect time to revisit our Traditions episode highlighting the Highlandtown Train Garden! This miniature magical world is housed in BCFD Engine 41 Station and we highly recommend paying them a visit!

Traditions: Great Halloween Lantern Parade

Baltimore’s Great Halloween Lantern Parade celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2019. Presented by the Creative Alliance, this festival started as a simple way to bring light into Patterson Park, and has grown into a city-wide convergence of artists, families, marching bands, step teams, and much more. This latest episode of…

How to Post Longer Videos on Instagram with IGTV

Click Here to Read Our Updated Article About Reels! We’ve all been there – we have a cool video that we want to easily share on social media and so we upload it to Instagram and then hit “share” to Facebook. No mess, no fuss right? Unfortunately too often we see…

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