The Baltimore Saltbox: an unusual thing in an unusual city. What are they, who makes them, and why do some of them have artwork? During the pandemic, artists turned to these humble objects as a way to express not only their artistic abilities, but also their civic pride.

We decided to find out more by talking to Robert "Saltbox Bob" Atkinson, writer of the Saltbox Concern Volume 1, Carpenter Godfrey Brown and Carpenter II Charles "Pete" Peterson of the Baltimore Department of Transportation, and Juliet Ames, a local artist who decided to make the Salt Box on her street a little more unusual. Check out more from our Traditions series and be sure to order a copy of Saltbox Concern – The Journal of the Baltimore Saltbox, Vol. 1!

This episode of Traditions was filmed by Greg Bowen and Julia Golonka, and edited by Julia Golonka.

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