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Aran Keating: Following Your Impulses

Artscape, Baltimore, MD. Photo Credit: Greg Hindman (Flickr) Aran Keating has freed himself of punching the clock. He doesn’t sit at a desk from nine to five, or spend his daytime selling strangers on hip new software updates. Aran spends his time doing what he loves, and has spent the…

BROS plus TIXATO: Party with puppets

Recently, Human Being teamed up with Baltimore’s own Figure 53 and the Baltimore Rock Opera Society to put together a short promotional video for Tixato, the Figure 53 ticketing platform used by BROS. I sat down at Red Emma’s one morning to flesh it out with BROS Artistic Director Aran Keating, and the idea we settled…

12 Hour Comic: The Garden of Earthly Delights

A little while back my friend threw a drawing party. It was going to be a 24-hour comic, like Scott McCloud gets excited about, but nobody really felt like staying up all night, so we cut it down to 12. As a prompt, we took this Hieronymus Bosch painting ,…

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