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At long last, the anxiously awaited release of RARE CANDY‘s newest album “FINALLY”… finally. Full-throttle, action-packed video game music cover band. They exist, and RARE CANDY is one of the best. Last spring, we were lucky enough to catch their set at the Black cat in Washington DC. What you’re…

The Miss Lonelys, Snakefeast and Bent Knee at The Crown

Recently, HBP found its way to the half-renovated, odd-smelling building on Charles street that serves as home to The Crown, one of Baltimore’s newer music venues. Camera in hand, we couldn’t help but take note of some of the great bands that performed there that night. Here’s a little gallery…

Hearing Pictures: Working with Ben Levin Group

Ben Levin and I have been collaborating on visual work since about 2008. The bulk of this has been with Ben Levin Group, a progressive-music enterprise that brings tight, rigorous ensemble work to wildly diverse compositions. Ben’s thing is to create these hour-plus musical epics. To get an idea, take…

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