Traditions: Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum - Part 1

Traditions is a monthly series that strives to figure out why institutions get created, why some persist and some are lost to time. In each episode, we interview someone with a story to tell, whose organization is reconciling the needs of the past with the challenges of the present. 

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Bent Knee - Hands Up (Official Video)

From the 2016 album "Say So", available at
Watch the live version at

Music by Bent Knee
Directed by Greg Bowen
Filmed by Rich Ferri, Jon Stenning, and Greg Bowen
Produced by Human Being Productions
From the album "Say So" (Cuneiform Records 2016) 

Gabrielle Zabinski-Valdera

Lena Asprinio
Astrid Berger
Leif Berger

Michael Costigan
Elena Mertus
Patrick Mulvey
Rosemary Mulvey
Thomas Mulvey
Brianna Murray
Curt Naihersey
Alisa Nanikova
Michael Roberson
Nina Shaut
Donna Tessari

Special Thanks:
Rebekah Zabinski
Zabinski Music Studio
Annie Gjelsvik
Farisa Mulvey

Bent Knee is:
Ben Levin - guitar & vocals
Chris Baum - violin & vocals
Courtney Swain - lead vocals & keyboards
Gavin Wallace-Ailsworth - drums
Jessica Kion - bass & vocals
Vince Welch - production & sound design

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Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

Portraits from the mind of Greg Bowen and his subjects. 

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