We got Josh Friedman from That One Eyed Kid in the living room for a little experiment. Josh is a very physical, percussive player who uses strong rhythms to anchor his live arrangements.

We paired him with a General Electric Youth Electronics chord organ from the early 70's. This instrument uses an electric fan to blow air through banks of metal reeds. It has no attack, just a loud honky sound that is pretty much on or off.

By blocking the intake fan, Josh created a soft, warm tone that could build and decay to match his dynamics. The song "Shaping" off his upcoming EP was a haunting compliment to this fragile yet powerful tone.

See Josh in his element at: http://www.thatoneeyedkid.com/

Living Room Sessions is a Human Being Productions original series. We take talented musical acts out of their element, and into our living room.

For more information, visit: www.humanbeingproductions.com/humansblog/tag/livingroomsessions/

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