We may take a lot of photos at a live event or a wedding, but nothing compares to the number of images needed to create a digital clone of something like Ray Lewis’ head, a Pterosaur Fossil or the Liberty Bell. Those are just a few of the totally random, totally fascinating subjects that Direct Dimensions has scanned into the virtual world since the company was founded.

This April marks Direct Dimensions’ 25th anniversary and, although throwing a party is out of the question, the staff wanted to find a way to say thank you to the company’s founder, Michael Raphael, for all of the hard work and dedication he’s contributed to the company over the years. That’s when a couple of folks from the DDI team reached out to Human Being Productions to assist in the edit of a short “Thank You” video for Michael.

Generally, the most challenging part of editing a video with so many contributors is the process of getting all of the videos properly recorded and uploaded in one place. We were so impressed with the level of organization and efficiency of the Direct Dimensions team when it came time to handle that coordination. We had a great time working on this video edit, and look forward to seeing what the future brings for them.

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