The BROS Campaign for Cash

The Baltimore Rock Opera Society kicked off its 2015 Campaign for Cash in a big way on Saturday with the first-ever BROS Swanktacular, a massive over-the-top gala event at Pigtown's Mobtown Ballroom.

The event marks the rock-theater juggernaut's most ambitious fundraising effort to date. This push will support their growth into a 501c3 nonprofit and the development of new shows. 

Leo and the Sky Leopards. and The Hammered, the BROS' two most recent show orchestras, bookended a musical program featuring Bobby E. Lee and the Sympathizers , and Black Lung. BROS props, set drawings, and artifacts lined the walls. HBP's contribution this year was a puppet and some cameras for this insane Indiegogo video by Bob Rose:

Join the campaign here, and check out more Bob Rose at his Vimeo Page.