The Movie

In 2013, freelance reporter and videographer Matt Kelley was given full access to the inner workings of the Baltimore Rock Opera Society as they embarked on their most ambitious rock opera to date, MURDERCASTLE. As if a large scale original theatre production wasn’t enough of a challenge, the BROS also decided at that time to take on the financial responsibility of their first official offices and workshops at The Bell Foundry in Baltimore's Station North Arts and Entertainment District. 

Shortly after the beginning of principal photography, BROS member and MICA film grad Greg Bowen volunteered to help record some of the unfolding events. This led to a partnership between Matt and Greg that ultimately spurred the founding of Human Being Productions. The company officially took on Derek Brown (H.H. Holmes) as a third partner in 2014 when we officially incorporated. 

Another two years and countless hours later, we have a movie that, short of a small initial investment, we've managed to finance and produce completely on our own.

And now we want to show it to you! We've rented a theatre and are selling tickets to the only scheduled screening of our movie. If people like it, we will definitely show it again. But for now, this is the only showing on the books so get your tickets and come hang out! We'd love to share our story with you.

The Baltimore Rock Opera Society 

“The Baltimore Rock Opera Society is a passionate community of artists who create unforgettable experiences through live original rock theater. BROS was founded in 2007 by a small group of friends sitting in a basement dreaming of an impossibly enormous story that would be told through the awesome power of rock.

Since that time BROS has become a powerhouse of Baltimore’s cultural landscape comprised of a highly energetic group of actors, writers, designers, builders, musicians, and artists with the mission of producing original, live rock operas. Every year thousands of fans flock from the Mid-Atlantic region to witness the performances of the city’s most collaborative, creative production troupe.” -Baltimore Rock Opera Society,

The Theatre Production

“MURDERCASTLE is the fifth feature-length original rock opera from the Baltimore Rock Opera Society.

Set in Chicago’s 1893 World’s Fair, MURDERCASTLE recounts the disturbing tale of America’s first serial killer, H.H. Holmes – the empire he created, and the brutal fate of his victims.

With a musical score ranging from death metal to orchestral strings, transformative sets and large-scale articulated puppets, BROS will be venturing back in time for its biggest, darkest, most ambitious show to date!”  -Baltimore Rock Opera Society,

For all press inquiries, please reach out to Matt Kelley or Greg Bowen at 443.873.9189 or email us at