Living Room Sessions: Gunwife Gone

In 2015 we decided to see what would happen when we invited local bands into our living room to record songs with unique instruments.

For this month's Living Room Session, we put Baltimore Cabaret rockers, Gunwife Gone to the task of playing one of their songs with nothing but homemade and found instruments.

Living Room Sessions: Snakefeast

Snakefeast is a jazz metal band with incomprehensible lyrics that inspires an intense atmosphere of doom. For this edition of our Living Room Sessions, we asked them to put down their instruments and perform "Blight" as if it were a script-reading on a radio show with traditional foley. Genius ensued.

Living Room Sessions: [explosion sound]

[explosion sound] is an instrumental hybrid of pop and metal with a video game-inspired edge that makes you feel like your life has the best soundtrack ever.

For this edition of Living Room Sessions we asked the band to take their larger-than-life sound and unplug "Lollipop Mountain" into a one of a kind experience.

Living Room Sessions: Community Center

Community Center is normally a pretty wild show. They perform energetic, soul-filled romp-jams with impressive instrumental chops We asked them to put down their instruments, and strip one of their favorite songs down to its bare bones. They did us one better: they wrote us an entirely new one.

Living Room Sessions: Josh Friedman

We got Josh Friedman from That One Eyed Kid in the living room for a little experiment. We gave this rhythmic, percussive pianist a toy chord organ with no attack so we could watch him adapt one of his powerful songs to a new setting. Check out what he came up with.

Living Room Sessions: Kyowa

Kyowa is a musical project led by Stephanie Kincheloe, which uses subtle guitar and percussion textures to explore melancholy, private emotional spaces. Every aspect of the band is meticulously polished to create a seamless atmosphere of mystery and intrigue, so for this edition of our Living Room Sessions, we gave them the dorkiest instruments we could find and asked them to play their song "sound."