WTMD First Thursday July 2018

WTMD's First Thursday Festival is one of the best summer activities in Baltimore. We returned for their July event and got some more great shots!

There's something very Baltimore about this picture.

All of the food tastes as good as it looks.

Good times had by all.

More exciting than the World Cup.

This guy takes pride in his work.

Caught posing.



Pumping up the crowd.

They're never too young to rock.

Candy corn puppers.

Dang, he caught us.

See you next month!

WTMD First Thursday June 2018

Every first Thursday of the month during the summer, independent radio station WTMD holds their First Thursday concert in Baltimore's Canton neighborhood. We were there to collect memories of the first one of 2018. Stay tuned for shots from future concerts!

LIT City Baltimore 2018

Each year during Light City, Dine Baltimore and the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore presents LIT City! A giant dance party held inside of the St. Paul Street light tunnel with lights, food, beer, and of course loud music and dancing. We were there this year to document all of the crazy fun.

Under the bridge.

Ya know, for jogging.

Excellent turnout!

Breakin' it down.

Who says piercings don't have a purpose?

Fun times were had!

Find someone that looks at you this way.

This guy is KILLIN' IT.

LIT City, indeed.

Stylish and functional.

Another great LIT City party!

Traditions: Tugboats on the Harbor

Drinking a beer at Ó Flynn’s on Hanover Street is where we met Captain Mark Stephen Rooney of McAllister Towing of Baltimore. There, he started to tell us all about his life growing up near the Port of Baltimore and the path that led him to becoming a Baltimore Tugboat Captain.

Traditions: Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum - Part 2

For over 50 years The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum has been preserving the the rich heritage of the Bay. In our second part of this two part series, we take a look at how the community surrounding the museum decided to take on the monumental task of preserving the numerous artifacts found within.