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Living Room Sessions: Gunwife Gone

For this month's Living Room Session, we put Baltimore Cabaret rockers, Gunwife Gone to the task of playing one of their songs with nothing but homemade and found instruments.  They had about a week to rehearse. By the end of it, drummer Ryan had managed to find 15 sounds you can make with a water cooler jug. So remember, the next time you are at the office and the water cooler is empty, pop that shit off and see what kind of music you can make. I'm sure your coworkers won't mind. 

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LIVE from Jena, Germany! Black Lung - Mind Is Lost

Black Lung's live show in Jena, Germany was pretty intense. It was the second night of a two day festival and the band would be playing to a crowd of several hundred people. The drive that day wasn't too bad; only about five hours. so we had plenty of time to get in a few games of kicker (or foosball as we would call it) and become quick friends with the other bands and people working at the venue. 

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