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New HB Weddings Website!

We're proud to announce the launch of a new website to complement the wedding-specific arm of Human Being Productions: HB Weddings! This site will help happy couples book us to capture their special day, as well as showcase our favorite photos and videos from all of the previous weddings we've been so lucky to be a part of. Visit to learn more, and check out this gallery of new shots to get an idea of what to expect!



LIT City Baltimore 2018

Each year during Light City, Dine Baltimore and the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore presents LIT City! A giant dance party held inside of the St. Paul Street light tunnel with lights, food, beer, and of course loud music and dancing. We were there this year to document all of the crazy fun.

Under the bridge.

Ya know, for jogging.

Excellent turnout!

Breakin' it down.

Who says piercings don't have a purpose?

Fun times were had!

Find someone that looks at you this way.

This guy is KILLIN' IT.

LIT City, indeed.

Stylish and functional.

Another great LIT City party!

Bent Knee - Hands Up

From the 2016 album "Say So", available at
Watch the live version at

Music by Bent Knee
Directed by Greg Bowen
Filmed by Rich Ferri, Jon Stenning, and Greg Bowen
Produced by Human Being Productions
From the album "Say So" (Cuneiform Records 2016) 

Gabrielle Zabinski-Valdera

Lena Asprinio
Astrid Berger
Leif Berger

Michael Costigan
Elena Mertus
Patrick Mulvey
Rosemary Mulvey
Thomas Mulvey
Brianna Murray
Curt Naihersey
Alisa Nanikova
Michael Roberson
Nina Shaut
Donna Tessari

Special Thanks:
Rebekah Zabinski
Zabinski Music Studio
Annie Gjelsvik
Farisa Mulvey

Bent Knee is:
Ben Levin - guitar & vocals
Chris Baum - violin & vocals
Courtney Swain - lead vocals & keyboards
Gavin Wallace-Ailsworth - drums
Jessica Kion - bass & vocals
Vince Welch - production & sound design

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Cuneiform Records:
Human Being Productions:



I feel so possessive darling
Keep my toes close to you
With pointed finger I still
Count myself in sets of two

We’ll be so progressive darling
Solar cell on our roof
We’ll renew our vows each morning
Hyperloop our kids to school

I can be malignant darling
When the truth is plain to see
I thought you for hours this week
I’m your best shot presently

I say hands up
I say hands down
When I look inside me baby
You’re throwing me all around
I see flash bulbs
I see LEDs
No matter where I look man
You’re the brightest light in front of me

I seem so pathetic darling
Check my phone constantly
Texts loop like a mantra through me
Buzzing blasts of dopamine

I say hands up
I say hands down
When I look inside me baby
You’re throwing me all around
I see flash bulbs
I see LEDs
No matter where I look man
You’re the brightest light in front of me

We can see the sea change darling
When we touch wirelessly
With our sweaty clothes and eyebrows
We’ll remember how it feels to feel everything

Please don’t go, la la la...

Portraits from the minds of Greg Bowen and his subjects

I just got back from my honeymoon to find Greg on a full throttle portrait photography kick. Each image is a collaboration between him and his subjects. Think of it more like a visual conversation than a presentation of work.  

All photos taken and edited by Greg Bowen with set and makeup assistance by Amanda Boutwell. More to be added as they are created. 

Portrait Photography

Studio Sessions: Bambi Galore

Now that we're settled into our new offices and studio in Bolton Hill, we've been jumping at the bits to do some photo and video collaborations. In the past few weeks we've gotten to spend time working with great organizations and artists like Remina Greenfield, Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts and stand up comedian Stephanie Joyal

Yesterday we had another great photoshoot with ever so lovely lady drag queen Bambi Galore and of course it went swimmingly. Check out the photos from our studio session in the gallery below and don't forget to like Bambi on Facebook and Instagram for your daily dosage of fabulous. 

Keep an eye out for more HB Studio Sessions to come by following us on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter. (Yeah we are actually making an effort to use them this time.)