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Living Room Sessions: Snakefeast

Snakefeast is a jazz metal band with incomprehensible lyrics that inspires an intense atmosphere of doom. We asked them to put down their instruments, and perform their song "Blight" as if it were a script-reading on a radio show.  Genius ensued. Check out Snakefeast, and the studio version of "Blight at:

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LIVE from Jena, Germany! Black Lung - Mind Is Lost

Black Lung's live show in Jena, Germany was pretty intense. It was the second night of a two day festival and the band would be playing to a crowd of several hundred people. The drive that day wasn't too bad; only about five hours. so we had plenty of time to get in a few games of kicker (or foosball as we would call it) and become quick friends with the other bands and people working at the venue. 

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