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Naomi Davidoff: Wardrobe Warlock

When it comes to costuming in Baltimore, Naomi Davidoff is the sorceress supreme. She plays the demanding role of the maker well — stitching and gluing some of the most memorable costumes in Baltimore DIY theater. She has taken the mantle of lead costume designer for four of the Baltimore Rock Opera Society’s (BROS) original productions. You can also find her garb on Man Man lead singer Ryan Kattner. We got a chance to sit down with Naomi and find out what fuels her magical rocket boots. 

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Shannon Light Hadley: Reawaken and Create

Shannon Light Hadley is a killer robot from outer space. While the rest of the world is sleeping, Shannon is plugged-in or heading out. She works as a full time designer and marketing guru at What Works Studio, publisher of What Weekly magazine. Beyond all earthly logic, she has traded in her clock-out button for a crown in the Baltimore Rock Opera Society (aka the BROS) where she reigns as the Marketing Director from five to nine.

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Aran Keating: Following Your Impulses

Aran Keating has freed himself of punching the clock. He doesn’t sit at a desk from nine to five, or spend his daytime selling strangers on hip new software updates. Aran spends his time doing what he loves, and has spent the last decade rocking out in the pursuit of happiness. He is the Artistic Director of the Baltimore Rock Opera Society (B.R.O.S.), owns his own entertainment company, and can be seen performing with musical acts like SnakefeastA.K. Slaughter, and the Motorettes

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