Human Being Productions is proud to announce a new partnership with Jewel of The Sea Films.  Silent Key is a film about the life of renowned boat builder and sailor, Mac Simkin, and the tragic costs of a life in pursuit of perfection. 

Mac Buildding Boats

The Film

What We Are Making

We are endeavoring to create a documentary that unwraps the inner workings of a modern renaissance man who lived a life of triumph and tragedy. Made over a period of 15 years, it is a story gleaned from hundreds of hours of footage and photographs, and told through the eyes of its subject, Dr Mac Simkin, and the people whose lives he touched.

The Motivation

Why We are Making This Film

Dr. Maxwell “Mac” Simkin was one of the world’s great sailors and boat builders. He was a gifted artist, a warrior, a scientist and a romantic.  Many  who came to know him looked at him as a legend, but those closest to him often confronted an insufferable genius. We believe that Mac's story is one that offers great insight into the human experience and the ways we impact one another.

the model airplaners
Julianne and Mac

The Goal

What We Hope To Achieve

We hope to create an honest telling of Mac's life in pursuit of perfection and reflect on the impact he has had on so many of us.

The Team

Julianne Frank & Human Being Productions

Jewel of the Sea Films has created numerous documentary films centered on the sailing lifestyle. It’s principal, Julianne Frank, was in Mac Simkin’s circle for over 15 years.

Human Being Productions was founded in 2013 out of a wish to create a visual media production company for Baltimore that reflects the city's creativity and work ethic. We seek to fulfill the needs of our clients for  video production through unique solutions and a focus on aesthetics. We are partnering with Julianne to produce this film because we believe there is intrinsic value in the story of Mac's life.


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