Life Centers of America provide lots of important services to Baltimore citizens, and one of those is a chance to unwind and let kids be kids at their Annual Backpack and Supplies Give-A-Way. One of the best parts of our job is photographing happy faces, and they were certainly abundant this day!


These schools supplies will be a big help to lots of kids and families.


There were lots of tasty treats for everyone.


Bless the man that works the grill on a hot day.

_MG_0506 (1)

This child trap seems to be working.


Eye of the tiger.


Did you know there were napkin-pulling contests? Because we didn’t.


New hat!


Remember to take a break from bouncing every hour.





This dance battle got heated.


Raise it.

_MG_0923 (1)

Congratulation to these heroes on a great event!

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