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WTMD First Thursday – May 2019

Once every month during the summer, we have the pleasure of recording WTMD’s First Thursday concert in Baltimore’s Canton neighborhood. Hundreds of locals congregate by the harbor to enjoy great food, meet local businesses, and listen to great music.

This is our third year working the event, and it gets better every time. HBP prides ourselves on our ability to tell a story through our work, and when WTMD asked us to produce a short highlight video we wanted to make sure that we conveyed the fun and atmosphere attendees can expect. We hope that you enjoy this final product, and that it encourages you to attend!

Traditions: American Visionary Art Museum

"Most museums, urban museums, are like fortresses. They say 'stay out, we have valuable things inside.' We wanted to be an extension of Federal Hill Park, right behind us, and be more like a Wonderland." In 1984 Rebecca Alban Hoffberger had the idea for a new museum and education center that would emphasize intuitive creative invention, and five years later the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM) was born.

For this episode of Traditions we spoke with Rebecca Hoffberger, Founder and Director of the American Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore, Maryland.

Life Centers of America Annual School Supplies Giveaway

Life Centers of America provide lots of important services to Baltimore citizens, and one of those is a chance to unwind and let kids be kids at their Annual Backpack and Supplies Give-A-Way. One of the best parts of our job is photographing happy faces, and they were certainly abundant this day!

These schools supplies will be a big help to lots of kids and families.

These schools supplies will be a big help to lots of kids and families.

There were lots of tasty treats for everyone.

Bless the man that works the grill on a hot day.

This child trap seems to be working.

Eye of the tiger.

Did you know there were napkin-pulling contests? Because we didn’t.

New hat!

Remember to take a break from bouncing every hour.


This dance battle got heated.

Raise it.

Raise it.

Congratulation to these heroes on a great event!

Congratulation to these heroes on a great event!

Traditions: Tugboats on the Harbor

Drinking a beer at Ó Flynn’s on Hanover Street is where we met Captain Mark Stephen Rooney of McAllister Towing of Baltimore. There, he started to tell us all about his life growing up near the Port of Baltimore and the path that led him to becoming a Baltimore Tugboat Captain.

Traditions: Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum - Part 2

For over 50 years The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum has been preserving the the rich heritage of the Bay. In our second part of this two part series, we take a look at how the community surrounding the museum decided to take on the monumental task of preserving the numerous artifacts found within.