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WTMD First Thursday – May 2019

Once every month during the summer, we have the pleasure of recording WTMD’s First Thursday concert in Baltimore’s Canton neighborhood. Hundreds of locals congregate by the harbor to enjoy great food, meet local businesses, and listen to great music.

This is our third year working the event, and it gets better every time. HBP prides ourselves on our ability to tell a story through our work, and when WTMD asked us to produce a short highlight video we wanted to make sure that we conveyed the fun and atmosphere attendees can expect. We hope that you enjoy this final product, and that it encourages you to attend!

Life Centers of America Annual School Supplies Giveaway

Life Centers of America provide lots of important services to Baltimore citizens, and one of those is a chance to unwind and let kids be kids at their Annual Backpack and Supplies Give-A-Way. One of the best parts of our job is photographing happy faces, and they were certainly abundant this day!

These schools supplies will be a big help to lots of kids and families.

These schools supplies will be a big help to lots of kids and families.

There were lots of tasty treats for everyone.

Bless the man that works the grill on a hot day.

This child trap seems to be working.

Eye of the tiger.

Did you know there were napkin-pulling contests? Because we didn’t.

New hat!

Remember to take a break from bouncing every hour.


This dance battle got heated.

Raise it.

Raise it.

Congratulation to these heroes on a great event!

Congratulation to these heroes on a great event!

Edgewood Elementary Presents - Summer Time

We got to go hang out with some students and shoot a music video at Edgewood Elementary the other day. It was a blast and here's the result. Special thanks to Mrs. Kurjan-Frank for coming to us with this idea. 

Song Produced by Kariz Kids thanks to support from Arts Every Day                                     Teacher: Ms. Adjaye
Direction  by: Mrs. Kurjan-Frank
Performed by: The students of Edgewood Elementary

Bent Knee - Hands Up

From the 2016 album "Say So", available at
Watch the live version at

Music by Bent Knee
Directed by Greg Bowen
Filmed by Rich Ferri, Jon Stenning, and Greg Bowen
Produced by Human Being Productions
From the album "Say So" (Cuneiform Records 2016) 

Gabrielle Zabinski-Valdera

Lena Asprinio
Astrid Berger
Leif Berger

Michael Costigan
Elena Mertus
Patrick Mulvey
Rosemary Mulvey
Thomas Mulvey
Brianna Murray
Curt Naihersey
Alisa Nanikova
Michael Roberson
Nina Shaut
Donna Tessari

Special Thanks:
Rebekah Zabinski
Zabinski Music Studio
Annie Gjelsvik
Farisa Mulvey

Bent Knee is:
Ben Levin - guitar & vocals
Chris Baum - violin & vocals
Courtney Swain - lead vocals & keyboards
Gavin Wallace-Ailsworth - drums
Jessica Kion - bass & vocals
Vince Welch - production & sound design

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Cuneiform Records:
Human Being Productions:



I feel so possessive darling
Keep my toes close to you
With pointed finger I still
Count myself in sets of two

We’ll be so progressive darling
Solar cell on our roof
We’ll renew our vows each morning
Hyperloop our kids to school

I can be malignant darling
When the truth is plain to see
I thought you for hours this week
I’m your best shot presently

I say hands up
I say hands down
When I look inside me baby
You’re throwing me all around
I see flash bulbs
I see LEDs
No matter where I look man
You’re the brightest light in front of me

I seem so pathetic darling
Check my phone constantly
Texts loop like a mantra through me
Buzzing blasts of dopamine

I say hands up
I say hands down
When I look inside me baby
You’re throwing me all around
I see flash bulbs
I see LEDs
No matter where I look man
You’re the brightest light in front of me

We can see the sea change darling
When we touch wirelessly
With our sweaty clothes and eyebrows
We’ll remember how it feels to feel everything

Please don’t go, la la la...

Take The Credit

Recently, we had the great privilege of working with the Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition on an awareness campaign for the Maryland Home Owners Tax Credit.  Don't be surprised if you haven't heard of it before, but definitely check it out and share our video with anyone you think might benefit. 

Basically, if you own your home and your combined household income is less than $60,000 a year, there is a good chance that you qualify for the homeowners tax credit. For some people, this could mean the difference between loosing or keeping your home. Over time, this credit could add up to tens of thousands of dollars. 

Special thanks goes out to all of the members of the Baltimore Rock Opera Society who worked on shoot. 

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the PSA that we made for the Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition. This talent and crew on this job was pretty much entirely Human Being Productions and Baltimore Rock Opera Societymembers. Also, if you know any homeowners out there, make sure they check and see if they qualify for the credit.

Squirrel maker - Johnny Marra
Cynthia Squirrel - Shannon Light
Neighbors - Kay-Megan Washington, Terénce Pope
Audio Engineer - Jeremy Sheeler
Set Designers - Derek Vaughan BrownGreg BowenAmanda Blackwell
Set Builders - Kyle Kow YearwoodKyle Merman
Director - Greg Bowen
Director of Photography- Matt Kelley
Editor - Julia Golonka
Executive Producer - Marceline White

The BROS Campaign for Cash

The Baltimore Rock Opera Society kicked off its 2015 Campaign for Cash in a big way on Saturday with the first-ever BROS Swanktacular, a massive over-the-top gala event at Pigtown's Mobtown Ballroom.

The event marks the rock-theater juggernaut's most ambitious fundraising effort to date. This push will support their growth into a 501c3 nonprofit and the development of new shows. 

Leo and the Sky Leopards. and The Hammered, the BROS' two most recent show orchestras, bookended a musical program featuring Bobby E. Lee and the Sympathizers , and Black Lung. BROS props, set drawings, and artifacts lined the walls. HBP's contribution this year was a puppet and some cameras for this insane Indiegogo video by Bob Rose:

Join the campaign here, and check out more Bob Rose at his Vimeo Page.