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Traditions - The Baltimore Salt Box

Traditions: The Baltimore Saltbox

The Baltimore Saltbox: an unusual thing in an unusual city. What are they, who makes them, and why do some of them have artwork? During the pandemic, artists turned to these humble objects as a way to express not only their artistic abilities, but also their civic pride. We decided…

Silent Key: A new film by Human Being Productions and Jewel of the Sea Films

Human Being Productions is proud to announce a new partnership with Jewel of The Sea Films.  Silent Key is a film about the life of renowned boat builder and sailor, Mac Simkin, and the tragic costs of a life in pursuit of perfection.  What We Are Making We are endeavoring…

Sam Sessa of WTMD and Julia Golonka of Human Being Productions pose for a portrait in the WTMD Studios

Do Whatever You Want, All the Time

“Do Whatever You Want, All the Time,” is a new short documentary produced by WTMD and Human Being Productions, which gathers the diverse strands of Baltimore’s music community and presents them with a fresh perspective. The film highlights Baltimore Club music, Americana, hip-hop, dream pop, jazz, indie rock and more….

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